Communication Upgrades for Teams

  • Let's talk about your team's needs

  • When you want your people to speak up more, bring this talk

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  • Contribute on the spot, get your ideas across, feel comfortable and gr...

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  • Bring the magic of neuroscience to up the oomph of your presentations

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  • A seat at the table is good. It's not always enough.

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  • Effective visuals can make or break a presentation

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  • 10 people speaking at the company event... in three days? No problem

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  • Prep for engaging video tutorials by your team

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  • Remote and hybrid are here to stay. Get more people heard.

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  • How women get heard impacts their income. This lecture moves the needl...

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  • Technical, physical, and logical: Online is not the same as in person

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  • In-house, for your team, tailored for your needs

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Helen Gottstein, the best communication coach I've worked with.

Eric Brand, OurCrowd