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Leadership Course

Managers need communication skills. This is where to get them.

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In six on-line sessions, you'll learn: 1. How to Make Effective Requests You ask for A. They give you B. What went wrong? This session is a game-changer. 2. Listening Skills Most people think they are above average listeners. But few people feel heard. This session changes relationships at work and at home. These skills help managers encourage independence and develop team potential. It's also the material that changed my life. 3. Giving Feedback End surprises at work review meetings. Change the timing, structure and purpose of feedback to get more from your people and give more from yourself. 4. How to Increase Participation in Online Meetings Chances are your team meets online. Chances are the same three people pipe up every time. It can feel like consensus but it's not. This session teaches the easy, practical steps anyone can take to get more people heard more of the time in meetings. 5. Assertive Communication If difficult conversations are being avoided by you or your team, the difficulties don't just disappear. They emerge everywhere all the time in indirect unhealthy ways. It's possible to: - Have difficult conversations with dignity and respect - Understand the central role of emotion - Set clear boundaries - Stop saying yes when you want to say no This session shows you how. 6. Set the Agenda Like a Boss + Reduce Objections These are two often overlooked communication tools that help team leaders lead effectively and confidently. They change the way you speak to your team and how you open and close meetings. All sessions are practical and hands on. Cameras and mics are on the whole time. The task between sessions is to apply the material and report back on the impact of your new tools. I can't wait to work with you. Interested in this course for your team or just an element from it? Let's talk:

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