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Complete the Transition to Online

Look good on camera, increase participation, utilize the advantages of online meetings

  • 1 h 30 min
  • From 4K + VAT
  • Zoom

Standard workplace practices today require staff to adapt their communication to the screen. Even when meetings are taking place from home, presentations must remain every bit as professional. As the camera is a far, far more demanding medium than speaking on stage or in person, appropriate preparation is key. You'll get demonstration and instruction on: i. The technical aspects of online speaking - clothing, placement of camera, backdrop and lighting ii. The physical side of presenting to a camera effectively to the people on the other side – where to look, how to use your hands, how to sit, etc. iii. Ensuring the speaker’s energy, focus and warmth come through iv. Teaching techniques that engage audiences even in one-way communication (use of storytelling, emotion, rhetoric techniques, voice intonation and the chat function) v. Coaching how to deliver a script so a recording is easy to edit vi. Teaching the fundamentals of how to open and close a webinar Company wide lectures and individual executive coaching available. Some companies also focus on how to get more engagement and more voices speaking up at their online meetings. There are practical, clear ways to help your team ensures more people get heard and feel included in meetings. It matters. I'd be glad to help with that, too. Want to close team training details? Make a time here: Want to book the session? Go ahead and find the time that works for you.

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Jerusalem, Israel

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