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Tame Your Presentation Challenges

Sometimes specific hurdles get in the way. 5 sessions move the needle so you never look back.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • ILS 8K/$2200
  • Location 1

If you're committed to excellence this is the process that works. Monotone? I got you Fear? Let's excavate and exorcise that evil inner voice. Lack of engagement with the audience? Totally fixable. Complex products? Not a problem. Multi-stage demos? Piece of cake to organize. Huge story? Get the tools to manage the emotion and your own vulnerability. Multiple key features? Let's go. Effective communication tools make the difference between a hit and miss. Choose your one to three key concerns and let's begin changing them up for you. Five sessions deliver deep change to whatever is getting in the way of your presentation power. It's the process that upgrades people's overall public speaking skills, period. And how do you get that deep change? Consistent work. In my experience with thousands of clients, it's this 5-session package that delivers a sea change in core presentation skills. You get five 90-minute sessions online, all about your presentation upgrade. Start yours now.

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  • Jerusalem, Israel

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