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Ready to go viral? Use this ABC guide to help you get there.

While the full extent of COVID-19's global impact is unknown, there's one thing we know for sure: we have to move online. And with that move, come real dangers.

For your teaching to be effective and engaging, your delivery just became more important than ever. How musical is your voice? How interesting are the visuals you use? How hard have you edited your text? How clearly do you make your points?

At home, there are many more distractions. That means you have to be even clearer about the reason you are talking to them.

There are two things you can do about it. Firstly, take this ABC guide to help you deliver your ideas better.

A: Affective - how you want your audience to feel after they have heard you is a critical question. Respected, appreciated, and thanked are all good things to aim for.

B: Behavior - what do you want them to do differently as a result of listening to you?

C: Cognitive - what do you want people to know after listening to you?

Clarity around this ABC will guide the shaping of your material. Secondly, if you want to work on the power of your delivery, that means we should work online. You can contact me here: 052-550-3682.

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