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More Than a Seat at the Table

A seat at the table is good. It's not always enough.

  • 2 hours
  • From 4K + VAT
  • Location 1

Women enter the workforce in many spheres in equal numbers. The gender divide begins at the first promotion point and continues to widen from there. Despite tremendous advances, women still get interrupted more often, are passed over for promotion, told they are aggressive where a man would be told he is assertive, and so on. If your company cares about inclusion, diversity and representation, communications training means your female employees will find it easier to get heard. You can book 6 sessions per 12 women like at Medtronic for NIS 4K + VAT or choose company wide lectures for NIS 5000 + VAT, depending on your company goals. Let's talk:

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  • Jerusalem, Israel

    + 052-5503682

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