How Women Get Heard

How women get heard impacts their income. This lecture moves the needle on that.

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There's been so much progress in the status of women but we're not there yet. Women funders still get between 2-3% of the VC pie. Women are gaining entry point positions in equal numbers to men in many industries. Men continue to get promoted first. We continue to have manels at every conference. What's up with that? In big picture terms, this is what it means. Bloomberg suggests that we'll have financial equity in about 132 years. The UN suggests it's closer to 300. We can argue about who is to blame but what matters is what we can do about it. I hit the body language, the mindset and the texts that get women heard so we can change the face of authority. We don't hear women in the same way as men. That impacts how much they make. Let's change that. Lecture can be adapted for varying time frames. Inquiries welcome here: helen@loudandcleartraining

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