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Planning to use video in your presentation? Take these tips into account.

1. How you use the stage

Retreat to the back third of the stage, stand on one side of the screen so you don't block it, and watch the video with you audience. As ever, we show the people watching us what we want them to do.

This means you cannot check your notes, chat with a partner on stage or look at notifications on your dang phone. No. Do not.

Otherwise you're modeling for your audience now's the time to check stuff, chat with a partner, or see what's new on your phone.

2. You cannot compete. Don't try.

Know that videos are:

A. Huge and therefore powerful.

B. Tightly edited for split second timing of impressive moments.

C. Have exciting music and graphics

D. Etc.

When the video's over, move to the front third of the stage, preferably into the center stage position and leap into your next section from there.

It's ok that moving from the back third of a big stage to the front can take a beat. The physical move helps people tune back in to life size and unedited movement.

3. Don't video for video's sake.

Only use video if it truly moves your story forward, demonstrates an idea that is more powerful seen than reported, and is integral to the key idea you want to convey.

If your marketing department insists that the video has to be there - which happens - then make sure you, as the speaker, link it to the core message you are there to convey.

And............... action!

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