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How to MC

With the return to in-person events, here's what to cover as the MC.

In my book, it's all about R.E.S.P.E.C.T. I'll tell you what that means to me.

It means you understand

+ who speaks first and who speaks last. We always finish with the highest status person on the list.

It means you get your text ready so you know how to:

+ open the event

+ describe your business/organization

+ welcome the VIP guests

+ thank speakers

+ move the event forward

+ honor achievements

+ give awards

+ end the event so people know what's next

It means you get yourself ready physically so you:

+ know what to do as a speaker approaches the mic

+ know where to stand on stage when a video is shown

+ prep a balance of warmth and high status body language cues

+ practice OUT LOUD the text that you will be delivering

Respect. You give it, you get it.

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