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A Brave New (Distant) World

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

In all the speculation over what our new normal will look like, the one thing that seems clear is we will be communicating via online streaming services more than in the past.

This presents both a blessing and a curse both for audiences and presenters.

It's a curse for audiences because what was dull face to face is positively deadly online. Presenters, take note. If you were already slaying them in the aisles with Death by PowerPoint and Death by Keynote, today we have Death by Webinar and by online panel.

Now, while it is easier for people to hear you than ever before, let me break it down for ya: it is harder to connect with an audience online than it is from a stage. You have to work harder.

Here's a few simple steps to help you deliver an online presentation that will stop people moving on to their own work/FB/Whatsapp/etc., during your remarks.

Let's start with the basic etiquette of timing. Begin on time and begin like this: let people know straight away what they will gain if they stay online with you.

Turn your energy up. You are already reduced to a tiny square on someone's screen, don't make yourself even smaller. Don't warm up and relax during your presentation. Do that beforehand by rehearsing your opening and your energy.

Tell me, your audience, what's the most important detail, key idea or central take away you are looking to deliver. Now organize the whole shape of your material in advance around what you promise to the audience.

Use emotion. If you don't want to reveal that side of yourself, use emotional language. In fact, emotion is key for your content and an impression of you to stay in the audience's minds.

Reinforce what you have covered and then finish on time - or even better, finish early. Nothing warms the heart of an audience than having their time respected.

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