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Hi, I'm Helen,

It's time to upgrade your presentation skills. Your speaking goals, confidence and delivery are what get you noticed and get you sales.

From Nas Daily to Jason Greenblatt, I've given hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs the confidence, skills and structures to engage audiences and deliver their messages effectively, every time.

Persuade. Inspire. Engage.

For yourself

Whether you are a CEO, a solopreneur or an executive with ambition, you can be more dynamic, confident and engaging. 

Clear goals, strategic stories, data and emotion mean you too can present with confidence and deliver impact. 

  • Pitch

  • Webinar

  • Conference presentation

  • Workshop

  • Board presentations

  • Video 

  • TEDX 

For your team

If you are the CEO or the head of HR, a department or a team, you want your people to demonstrate your credibility, look great and sound prepared. 

  • Team presentation skills 

  • Customer success

  • TEDX-style event

  • Storytelling for change management, motivation and audience engagement

  • Small talk and networking skills

  • Conference grace

  • Powerful panels

  • Empathy as a business tool

Communicate with Confidence,

Ease & Authenticity


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