Loud and Clear

Public Speaking &

Communications Training


Loud and Clear trains teams, businesses and groups to excel at their public presentations online and in person. 

From Nas Daily to Jason Greenblatt, Loud and Clear Training has given hundreds of executives the confidence, skills and structures to engage audiences and deliver their messages effectively,
every time.


My accent is Australian, my address is Israeli and my approach is professional and rigorous.


Whether you want your team to communicate powerfully with one person or five thousand, I will get you trained Loud and Clear.


Helen Gottstein




Persuade. Inspire. Engage.

One to many

Optimize audience engagement for your:

  • Pitches

  • Webinars

  • Conference presentations

  • Workshops

  • Board presentations


Focus your speaking goals, utilize stories, data and emotion so you present with confidence and achieve your goals.​

Prepare before your presentation or send me your footage for analysis afterwards. 

One on one

Get strategic for:

  • Customer success

  • TEDX

  • Donors

  • Staff 

  • Your board

  • Interviews and work reviews


From applied empathy to change management, for meetings that matter. 

My Track Record


Good stories well told persuade, inspire and engage.

  • Use powerful openings

  • Build clear goals

  • Get tears and applause

  • Add color, drama and delivery

  • Deliver effective closes


Stories offer connection and confidence to every speaker. 


Teams, staffs, boards, groups

Make meetings more positive and effective for all.

  • Create engagement 

  • Utilize emotional intelligence

  • Ask real questions

  • Utilize the creativity of your team

  • Manage change

Get the results you want. 



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Helen Gottstein - Loud and Clear