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Loud and Clear trains teams, businesses and groups to excel at their interpersonal communication and public presentations

From MKs to Start-Up teams, Loud and Clear
has given hundreds of people the confidence, skills and structures to engage audiences and deliver their messages effectively, every time.


My accent is Australian, my address is Israeli and my approach is professional and vigorous.


Whether you want your team to communicate powerfully with one person or five thousand, I will get you Loud and Clear.


Helen Gottstein




Strategic Communication

Training Options

One to many

Optimize audience engagement for your:

  • Pitches

  • Webinars

  • Conference presentations

  • Workshops

  • Board presentations


Weave stories, images and clear messages, balance information and emotion - with confidence and achieve your goals.​

One on one

Get strategic for meetings that matter with:

  • investors

  • donors

  • conference attendees

  • staff 

  • interviews and work reviews


From applied empathy to change management, you will get the results you want.


Good stories well told persuade, inspire and engage.

  • Powerful openers

  • Clear messages

  • Intelligent structures

  • Color, drama and delivery

  • Effective closes


This training gives clarity, confidence and control to fundraisers, CEOs, MKs or anyone who cares about their message.


Teams, staffs, boards, groups

Meetings, workshops and team building are stronger with emotionally and organizationally intelligent communication skills preparation.

  • Get buy-in

  • Build your team

  • Engage your board

  • Manage change

  • Lead the group


Insight into group process and understanding organizational and interpersonal communication lead you to better outcomes.


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Helen Gottstein
Loud and Clear